#63 • Vision Week, December 2016 • Excerpt 16 • “Appearing Before the Lord for a Genuine Church Life” (1)

May 10, 2017

In our program for the next few weeks we will be replaying the final message of the most recent winter training. This is because Brother Titus was very burdened that the saints would enter into what he shared in this message, which really summarized his burden from the entire training.

We need to explain that, at a number of points our brother speaks of our being “in here” or “outside.” He is referring to a diagram of the tabernacle, together with the outer court, that was projected on the wall behind him. He had used this diagram throughout the training to encourage us to not remain in the outer court, in so many activities on the Lord’s behalf, but rather to press on to enter into the actual tabernacle where we can experience Christ Himself directly. So when he’s saying “we are in here” or “out here,” he’s using this diagram to illustrate where we are in terms of our spiritual experience. As he explains in the message, if we remain in the outer court, our work for the Lord will be in the realm of our own effort, but if we enter into the tabernacle, it becomes the normal outflow of our experience of life.

This program has been edited to remove personal and private references.


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